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About Google Drive

Google Drive is a effective tool to store files and work collaboratively. It can help people store almost every kind of files like: word, excel, power point, form, drawing, etc. Moreover, Google Drive can help group of people in school or business to work in project even they live far way by accessing the same file to view, comment or edit it.

Google Drive History

Google Inc. is an American multinational technology company. It focus on services and products which relate to internet. Google Inc. launched Google Drive on 26 April 2012. It not only combines all the features of Google Docs but also improves Google Docs by connecting with others forms. By accessing the same Google account, people can open many types of different files. As estimating recently from website in October 2014, there were 240 million users active monthly.

How to use Google Drive

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In order to use Google Drive, you need to have a Google account and Install Google Drive on your Android device, iPhone/iPad, or computer. You can open new Google Drive account at Google Drive allows you to store and organize all your files on the web. You can use 15 GB of free storage to work with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. If you need more storage, you can buy more from the official website.

How to store and manage files in Google Drive

Google Drive can store almost any files you create before, then you can assess whenever to review your files. There are two way to store your files by updating from your laptop, iPhone/iPad or Android device, or creating directly on your Google Drive account.

You can manage your files by creating the Folder from your Drive like the way you manage your files on your computer.

This is a video to give you some ideas about creating, storing, managing, and sharing file on Google Drive.

How to share files in Google Drive

After finishing the file, we can share this file to group's member or business's worker by inviting people through email address. There are three level to access your file: "can comment", "can edit", "can view". You can pick one from them before you send your invitation. After sending email, people from your list will receive the special link. It will lead to your file. Every change in your file will be automatic saved on the web.

How to edit file in Google Drive

It is easy to edit file in Google Drive. After you open the file on your Drive, there are almost enough tools for every type of files which you can work with your file. You can do as the way you do on your computer. At the first time, you may feel unfamiliar, after that you will feel the editing files on Google Drive is not different from your computer.

How to use Google Drive in Business efficiently

Google Drive is the efficient tool to share information to groups, teams or departments. As a manager, you just need a Google account, 20 minutes and Administrator access (optional) to set up your entire organization’s file share. This website may give you an idea about how to start it.



Google Drive is the effective tool in group study or in business. In group study, it helps all members work together and correct for each other in project process. Every member know how other people are doing, then he or she can give ideas to build project together. In business, Google Drive is the tools to help manager know how hard every employee work for the project then having the appropriate appraisal for them.