Google Calendar

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Google Calendar can be used for free on the web. One can use it as a personal calendar or as a way to let others know your availability. This tool can also send reminders to your e-mail or a text to your cell phone. It can also be embedded into a blog or web page.


A Google Calendar user can select up to 75 specific users to share his/her schedule with via e-mail. Another option would be to share it with the entire public; various levels of privacy are available. One can embed it in a blog so that others who don't have their own Google Calendar can still see it. A user can also share the address location so that others can subscribe to it as a feed.

Access options

Google Calendar can be accessed via mobile device, using either the basic version or the optimized version. The optimized version can only be accessed through Android, iPhone or Palm webOS devices. All other devices use the basic version of "Quick Add," which one can use to add or view events. The optimized version allows one to add, view, delete, and respond to events.

If you prefer to access it on your computer, one can sync it with other applications.


Google Calendar can incorporate a number of features. In addition to creating multiple calendars of their own, users can gain access to friends' calendars and subscribe to public calendars such as holidays or sports schedules. Users can also import their tasks to be viewed in Google Calendar. This application's interactive nature allows for any or all of these calendars to be shown or hidden by selecting them individually.


People from all over the world can use Google Calendar. This tool is available in at least 40 different languages, including Finnish, Tagalog, and Thai.