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Site creators need to know how their sites are being visited and used in order to evolve their sites. Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks site visitors and some of their basic behaviors. This tool captures information about where visitors are coming from and then how they behave on the site in terms of the parts they access and how long they stay. This tool also captures information about the browsers they use to approach the site, which sites they come from, and the speed of their Internet connectivity.

To use this tool, individuals will need Google Mail (gmail) email accounts. They will also need system administrator access to the server where their websites are hosted.


The Dashboard

The results of the findings are offered both textually and in visual informational graphics.


A Technical Profile

A Technical Profile helps site designers know whether the majority of users may access their contents--particularly multimedia rich ones that require a lot of bandwidth.


A Map Overlay

This tool also shows where the majority of site visitors come from in a global sense. If the site visitors are coming from only certain limited regions, and the ambition of the site is to reach a global audience, this means that there needs to be a lot more outreach and marketing to different audiences.


Site Usage statistics add more information about the particular users and their behaviors on the site.

The "bounce rate" refers to those who hit the main page and then leave, without exploring further. A high bounce rate suggests that further work needs to be done to make the opening page more engaging to site visitors. The aim of most sites is to change first-time visitors into regular site users, and regular site users to participants or contributors to a site.


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