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About GolfNow


GolfNow was created in 2001 and is hardquartered in Orlando, FL. GolfNow provides tee time services to golfers. There are more than 2 million registered users on GolfNow. GolfNow partners with more than 6,000 golf courses throughout 16 countries in order to match up golfers with unused tee times. GolfNow has hot deals throughout the day at random courses allowing users great discounts just by scheduling a tee time through the GolfNow app or website.

Business Opportunities

GolfNow is a great resource for courses to fill any unused, empty tee times. Golf Courses can use GolfNow to fill those hard to fill tee times. GolfNow requires that courses give up a couple of their tee times per day, which can be during non-peak hours and in return the course will be marketed on GolfNow's website and app.

Golf Destinations


Top Golf Destinations

Orlando, FL

Palm Springs, CA

New York City, NY

Honolulu, HI

Chicago, IL

Atlanta, GA

More than 6,000 courses in 16 different countries!

Special Rates


GolfNow allows you to schedule the earliest tee time available in order to play at a faster pace or whatever your desired pace is.


GolfNow offers both 9 and 18 hole rounds of golf. So whatever you have time for is available through GolfNow.


GolfNow allows you to schedule a tee time with a wide range of players, typically from 1-4 players for each tee time.


GolfNow offers prices for tee times for both walking and cart use. Whichever you desire is available through GolfNow

Getting Started

Download the GolfNow App now!

The process of scheduling a tee time are as follows

1. Search for desired course 2. Select tee time 3. Select rate (9 or 18 holes, cart included) 4. Select number of golfers 5. Checkout (payment is available online)

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Mobile Apps

The application of GolfNow is easy to use and is available for download on both iOS and Android system.



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