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GoToMeeting is online meeting software that provides audio and video conferencing. The software has many features including screen sharing, text chat, and meeting recording.

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GoToMeeting is a software application created by Online Services Division of Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix Systems, Inc. is based in Santa Barbara, California. The software was originally in development through the company ExpertCity. ExpertCity and its software were acquired by Citrix Systems and renamed the Online Services Division.


The audio conferencing feature of the GoToMeeting software is available for use by attendees through a toll-free phone conferencing number or via VoIP using the mic and speakers on your personal PC. Audio Conferencing with the basic software package can accommodate up to 25 attendees per meeting. Meetings can be schedule in advance or can be started immediately.



HDFaces, the video conferencing feather of the GoToMeeting software uses the same basic tools as the audio conferencing, but requires the use of a webcam on your personal PC. HDFaces allows up to six attendees to share their video feeds in each session. The video conferencing has simple controls and is available to use on Macs, PD and iPads. HDFaces uses the existing webcam on a computer and does not require any additional proprietary hardware.



The screen sharing feature of GoToMeeting is one of the features that make the software so practical for business applications. When screen sharing, an attendee activates the screen sharing feature and allows other attendees access to view or manipulate their computer screen. The person sharing their screen has the option to share the whole screen on just a specific application. Sharing specific application is a feature that is useful for presentations. By only sharing the specification application, PowerPoint for example, the attendees view a sharp clean screen with only the presentation and the presenter can have other notes available on their screen that are not viewable by the attendees. Additionally, the keyboard and mouse control can be turned over to other attendees. This feature is very useful when training personnel on new computer software as the trainer can walk the attendees through the software without the need to physically be in attendance. The last feature of the shared screen option is draw and highlight. This feature allows attendees to edit a single document as a group.


• Mute Attendees • Speaker Identification • Record Meetings • Change Presenters • Text Chat


App versions of GoToMeeting are currently available for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. HDFaces is not available on the iPhone or Android versions, but the remaining features are consistent with the PC/Mac versions.

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There are many benefits to the business world through using GoToMeeting. The first and most obvious is the increased productivity of employees. By eliminating drive time, employees are able to commit more time to projects and complete them faster. Another benefit is in increased sales. GoToMeeting allows sales personnel to make contacts with clients are farther distances and allows for remote training and support of new customers without the added cost of travel. For large business with multiple locations, another benefit is reduced training costs.


Citrix Services has provided case studies on their website sharing the use of GoToMeeting across multiple different industries. Below is a link to those case studies:


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