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About GoPro

GoPro is a fast growing camera company that creates high-definition cameras intended for extreme action videos and photos. The camera itself is durable, light-weight, compact, and waterproof to allow use in almost any situation. The cameras are capable of capturing still photos and videos in high quality. There are accessories available that allow the camera to be mounted to helmets, cars, dogs, wrists, and almost anything else you can think of to allow any moment to be captured.

History of GoPro

The first idea for the GoPro was developed in 2001 by Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro. Woodman had been planning a surfing trip to Australia and Indonesia, and wanted a way to take pictures of him and his friends in the midst of waves during surfing. At first, Woodman developed a wrist strap that could attach already existing cameras to this strap. However, he soon found that these cameras weren’t durable enough for rigorous activities such as surfing. Woodman decided that his company would have to develop its own cameras that could stand up to these types of activities. This led to GoPro developing and selling its first camera in 2004. In 2006, GoPro introduced video to its cameras.

Woodman saw the opportunity for GoPro to succeed when consumers stopped spending money on pocket cameras due to the smartphone industry taking over. He saw an opportunity to make a camera that is highly differentiated from a smartphone that no longer has to compete with pocket cameras.

Today, Woodman is worth over a billion dollars and GoPro has the highest-selling point-of-view camera on the market. It also consumes 21.5% of digital camcorder shipments nationwide, and this percentage is growing rapidly.

Woodman wanted a product to capture and share life experiences, and that is exactly what he created. The GoPro app creates a channel for GoPro users to share their own videos and watch videos of other users.



Professional video quality

QuikCapture: power on device and begin recording automatically with the press of a single button

Built-in wifi and Bluetooth to control remotely, view photos and videos, and share

Built-in touch display (Hero4 Silver only)

HiLight Tag to mark key moments while recording for easy playback, editing and sharing

Night photo and night laps

Professional audio performance

Protune allows customizable settings for color, ISO limit, exposure and more

Personal Uses

As of today, most uses of this device are personal. When Woodman created the product, he meant it to be mostly for personal use. He wanted people to be able to capture and share life experiences. Surfers can capture footage of being in a wave, bikers can show their perspective of riding down a mountain, and race car drivers can capture their experience around the track. With the new “fetch” mount, you can capture a day of fetch with your dog. People going scuba diving or swimming with dolphins can capture the underwater experience. There are endless possibilities with the GoPro.

Business Uses

While the camera is mostly used for personal use, there is huge opportunity for the camera to enter into the corporate world. Educators have already begun using the cameras in their classrooms. Our world has become very visual, and this device can bring the world into a realistic perspective that couldn’t be achieved before. For educational purposes, this device has the potential to teach more effectively than a standard lecture. Fire departments have also used the cameras for training, marine biologists use them for undersea research, and the army uses them to test the damage to Humvees from roadside bombs. Surgeons are using the camera for documentary purposes and the Discovery channel uses the camera for capturing footage for tv shows.

As our world becomes more visual, the companies that will succeed are those who can reach out to consumers most effectively. Using the GoPro for advertising purposes can help companies represent exactly what their product is capable of and attract consumers. This camera also has a huge opportunity to be used for training purposes in the corporate world. The camera allows for a different perspective that shows exactly what the person sees. Therefore, people can gain experience by watching exactly what another person saw. This is why it is already being used for firefighter and military training, because you can see from a person’s perspective and really enter into the situation more than ever before.


The GoPro camera is a product to watch grow and succeed. Whether used for sharing photos and videos of personal adventures with friends or for advertising your company's product, the GoPro camera is a tool that will take photography and videography to a new place.

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