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About Ganttic

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Ganttic is a web-based project management tool for scheduling resources and projects. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface and interactive Gantt chart for real time collaboration, perfect for resource management and project scheduling. Ganttic is suited for any needs, from small to large corporations, from office work to plant management and even for personal use.

Ganttic enables visual planning and scheduling with drag and drop simplicity, multi-user collaboration, multi-project work, and an easy management of user rights. It is also flexible enough to allow each user to fill out or add information fields, according to their needs.


Ganttic was developed by WoodWare Systems, a company founded in April 2005. In the beginning of 2008 the company launched a beta version of a web based resource planning tool called YUTITI. YUTITI was used by different companies and their successive input for the improvement of this tool led to the launch of Ganttic in July 2010 as a web-based resource planner. Through customer input WoodWare Systems has developed a new approach to resource management: they provide a simple visual resource planning tool that is easily affordable.

How to use Ganttic

Ganttic is very easy to set up. In about 30 minutes, you should be able to be up and running and managing your resources.

Ganttic is structured in two main parts: resource view and project view. When you start, the first thing you want to do is define your resources. For easier management, you can group these resources into resource groups. Then you can begin to assign tasks.

If your team is working on more than one project at a time, you can easily use the project view to gain a simple overview over the layout of tasks in projects, the project status and completion rates. All you have to do is to assign a project on each task you create. Then you can switch from resource to project view and see either the tasks structures by resource groups or projects.

Seeing that the working environment is always dynamic, the possibility of change is always great. Ganttic offers easy solutions for changing your task entries. Just a simple drag and drop can change the duration of a task, the assigned person etc. To make tracking the changes easier, Ganttic also provides a task history, where you can add comments on what was changed.

The following video presents a simple overview of the application.

User Role Assignment and Real Time Collaboration


Ganttic offers its users the possibility to collaborate on a specific Gantt chart. This implies that user rights have to be assigned, to keep changes to the project or schedule under control.

As an admin you have multiple options of assigning rights. You can limit the access as follows:

 • Viewer – user can only view the plan, he cannot make any changes
 • Limited User – you can define specific rights for this user
 • Administrator – user has full rights

Also, you have the option of allowing limited users the option of adding or editing projects.

You can assign limited user rights based on the resource groups you have defined. You can either give no rights, view rights, write rights or admin rights to the user on a specific group.

Google Calendar Synchronization

To make it easier for your colleagues to keep track of the tasks assigned to them, Ganttic offers the possibility to synchronize their tasks with their Google accounts. Here are some simple steps on how to achieve that.

Business Use

Ganttic has been very successful in the business world, helping managers organize and track the team schedule, machine assignments and so on. Because Ganttic is so easily adaptable, a large variety of companies can use this tool in different parts of their business, without having to buy different specialized software. The greatest asset for Ganttic is that it can be applied to manage people, as well as machines, meeting rooms or anything else you may need. Because of the real time updates, team schedules can be implemented and changed by all team members, thus freeing managers for other jobs. Because of the synchronization possibility with Google Calendar, Ganttic proves to be a very flexible solution for resource and project management.

As for personal use, Ganttic can be used in any personal project where management of more than one resource is required.


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