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An Open-Source Mind-mapping Tool

Mind mapping is a spatialized use of node-link diagramming to indicate relationships between entities. One of the foremost such tools is an open-source tool created by an open-source team.

Shailaja Kumar created the FreeMind User Guide for Version 0.8.0.

Apparently, Dmitri Polivaev was the original developer. As with open-source projects, many others likely have contributed.

This tool requires at least Java 1.4 RTE (run-time environment). It may be downloaded at SourceForge at the FreeMind wiki site. A Mac version is available, too.

A Range of File Outputs

This software enables a manual building of various mind maps. One of its major strengths is the ability to output files in both static (digital image) and dynamic (XHTML, Flash) and interactive formats.

ELATE Students.jpg

ELATEwiki as an Interactive Mind Map

This particular evolution of ELATEwiki occurred as both a function of crowd-sourcing and of the support and direction of Dr. Roger McHaney, the wikimaster. The following is a simple and interactive mind map.

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