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Fotki, the world’s largest independent photo site, allows users to easily store and share their photos and videos. Fotki also allows users to create and purchase unique photo products, and order quality prints at low costs.


Fotki was founded by Dmitri Don and Katrin Lilleoks in 1998. The word “Fotki” in some Slavic languages is short for “photos”. The personal website was created to store and share digital photos as well as to connect with friends and relatives around the world. The site became public in 1999 and in 2001 members were able to purchase high-quality prints. In 2003, Fotki had 100,000 members and stored millions of photos. The company grew substantially and by 2006, Fotki had over 5 million users and hundreds of millions of images. In 2008 Fotki Store was developed where users could create and purchase photo items including t-shirts, mugs, bags, and mousepads. In the last three years Fotki has become a top social networking site and has added new features and applied many upgrades for its many users.

Personal Use

Fotki website allows friends and family members to stay in touch with each other, share pictures, videos and their stories. Fotki also allows you to label or tag your photos and enter them into photo contests. Fotki Feed allows users to view the latest photo updates from family and friends. These memories are stored and shared conveniently on one website via


Corporate Use

Fotki offers business to business solutions (B2B) for their business clients, including API Storage and Fotki Lite, a turnkey social network. Fotki provides photo/video sharing and social networking solutions to companies around the world including multibillion dollar companies such as Sears, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Italia, and Mark Travel, as well as many nonprofit organizations. Fotki offers a white label photo/video network as well as a white label product store solution for their b2b clients. They continue to offer top notch solutions with increased functionality to businesses around the world.

Fotki Tutorial


Fotki is a great tool for uploading, organizing, storing and sharing pictures and videos with your friends and family. It is really easy to use and customize to one's particular choices. Lots of choices are available:

  • Free vs. Premium (Paid) Membership
  • Albums can be public or private (with password)
  • Add and share videos
  • Start a blog

Fotki Website