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About FaceBook


Facebook is a free-access website by the company Facebook, Inc. executive. Users can join networks which are organized under the city, workplace, school and region to connect and communicate with others. People also can make friends, send them messages, and update the profile page to let their friends know about them. The name of the website mentions the souvenir book used to record the names of the members of the campus community that some universities and colleges in the US gave the new students in schools, departments, and employees to be able to acquainted with each other at the campus.

FaceBook History


Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his friends a student of computer science and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes while Mark was a student at Harvard University.

The registration of members is limited to the original site for Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. Then it was further extended to students of any university, then high school students, and finally anyone over 13 years old. As of September 2012, Facebook currently has more than a billion active members worldwide. With that number, Facebook is the most popular social network, followed by MySpace and Twitter. Currently, Facebook is the second most hits of the world after Google.

Facebook has encountered some controversy in recent years. It has been banned for some time in several countries, including Syria, China, Vietnam and Iran (currently, no longer). It has also been banned at many workplaces to restrict employees to spend time using the service. Privacy on Facebook is also a controversial issue. This page is also facing a number of lawsuits from some classmates of Zuckerberg, who said Facebook was stealing source code and other intellectual property of them.

Get Started


If you have already had an FaceBook account, the only thing you can do that is using your Username and Password to sign in. If not, you can follow these steps to create your own account:

Step 1 - Access to http://facebook.com/

Step 2 - Filling all of your information in Sign Up box

Step 3 - Now, you have an FaceBook account. However, you have to check your email that you use to create your account and click on the link to activate your account

Step 4 - Back to FaceBook page, log in to your account and enjoy it!

How to Use FaceBook Calling

Facebook officially opens feature Video Chat-based social network for all to celebrate this social network reached 750 million user milestone. This is considered a feature that helps Facebook "preemption" with Google Hangouts - Google+ video chat feature. This is a tool that many users are waiting with lots of features to facilitate the hearing call:

• Allows start talking immediately while chatting.

• Allow mailing the form of a video message if the other party does not "pick up"

To be able to run the Video Chat, of course you need a webcam and a relatively fast network connection (minimum speed of 300KB / sec). Also having to say in advance that you will not be able to use this feature if accessing facebook by editing the hosts file. Set HotSpot and Ultrasurf if you want to use this feature.

The installation process is quite easy, especially if you've installed Google Talk software, you only need to perform this video:

Other Features

1. Block unknown users accessing your Facebook:

To prevent any unidentified invitation, you can set up blocking for your Facebook a safer way. However, Facebook has given way to prevent "vexation" of strangers, but still very little feedback about it. You can do this through a few simple steps to improve the security of your Facebook account. First access to your account, then you access the account's own set Account / Privacy settings, it is located above the right corner of the interface you use.


- Block users. If you block this person, they will not make friends or interact with you anymore. Simply enter your email or username in Facebook


- Block invites applications. When you block application invitations from someone, then it will automatically remove all remaining invitations application to you later.

- Block event invites. Once you block event invitations from someone, you will quit automatically ignore all of this to you in the future.

If you wish to unblock someone, you can click on the word Unlock behind their name that you have blocked or removed for email you've blocked.


2. Control what your friends sent to you:

You can control all of the problems that your friends often exchange with you to the safest, beat away the loss of information. Here you define what your friends can share with you, you can choose for is not what you need when your friends share about you.


3. Save the table information Chat

Facebook has gone beyond the social networking sites and tools to become the most popular social network. Moreover, Facebook has many outstanding features that many people still do not know. A handy feature that can save chat history. solution here is to use one simple tool to save chat history with Facebook Chat History Manager named. This tool is essentially an extension of Firefox, allowing you to save chat history on your computer.

Like other extensions, you visit Facebook using Firefox then download this utility. You here to download and install the Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12338/

Or you can follow these steps in this video for saving your FaceBook chatting history:

FaceBook for Business Use

In the past few years, the number of Facebook users has doubled every year. Facebook is considered a modern engine and optimized for building relationships as well as the expansion and development of business activities. The business on the channel and do not need much capital to be correctly oriented target customers. However, many businesses do not know yet fully exploited the potential of this channel, and prone to security risks and control information.

Recently, the company specializes in providing e-commerce platform Shopify has added features from the system purchase its direct sale via the Facebook Messenger app. This step helps to provide additional customer service online, automatically send order confirmation, update product delivery schedules and push notifications.

Tools in this app purchase will bring a certain number of benefits to the seller on Shopify. Messenger now has more than a billion active users each month, which means the seller will have the opportunity to bring the products to foreign countries with huge amount of new customers. Ability to purchase via the platform will attract consumers who are looking for convenient channel of communication with the seller of the products they order.

By using stored payment information available at Messenger, this method eliminates the difficulties in the payment process. Buyers will not need to fill in long lines on the sample information bill, which makes 46% factor Americans remove their online shopping cart at checkout bill (figures provided by Internet Retailer).

Retailers are increasingly turning to social media channels to reach more buyers than by habit spends much time on this virtual space.



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