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Evernote is an organizational tool which can help anyone, even the most disorganized person, bring a little order to their life. Since the official June 24, 2008 launch of Evernote, over a million people have accessed this new tool. Nearly 5,000 new users explore this innovative service daily. It is also available for use in over 10 languages

What Evernote is

Evernote is a quick and instantly accessible storage and organizational unit. The unique characteristic is that one can upload and store anything imaginable and then retrieve their "possessions" on any computer. Retrieval can also be done using other technical devices, such as smartphones.

Uses of Evernote

  • Create to-do lists
  • Store photo collections
  • Take snapshots of favorites: recipes, vehicles, any "wishlist" items
  • Notes from important meetings
  • List favorite websites and blogs
  • Anything imaginable!!

This is a great tool for someone who is jumping back and forth between a computer at work and a home computer. There are things that come into your mind halfway through the work day that you might not remember when you get off. A simple login to Evernote in the morning will keep a virtual notepad for you that you don't need to keep track of. One user described using Evernote during the process of creating a recipe. Another used it to record memorable quotes.

Extra Advantages

Another inviting aspect of getting organized with Evernote is that it's free. However, once customers discover the benefits and joy from using this tool, they may need additional storage space which costs $5 per month, or $45 per year. Nevertheless, many customers feel that the benefits of using this service definitely outweigh the fees.

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