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A Brief History

The E-Learning and Teaching Exchange (ELATE) wiki was started in March 2009 to bring together a virtual community of those involved in e-learning as faculty, staff, and administrators. This site aims to support the building of both implicit and explicit knowledge in e-learning, a field which has grown in complexity pedagogically and technologically. A wiki belongs to its users: we are the ones who determine the contents, the structure, the shared work, and the collaborations. We at ELATEwiki are hopeful that this space is a comfortable one for sharing and mutual support.

The ELATEwiki is the sister site of the E-Learning Faculty Modules, which is a training site for distance faculty at Kansas State University.

Thanks to the "Dev" Team!

ELATEwiki exists because of the support of Dr. Sue Maes of the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) at K-State, whose office provided the funding to register the URL. The development team (the DCE Distance Learning Leadership team sub-group) that created ELATEwiki included Dr. Roger McHaney, Dr. Bettie Minshall, Ellen Stauffer, Lynda Spire, Ron D. Jackson, and Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew. Josh Works provided critical back-end development. Andrea Mendoza created the evocative ELATE logo for this site.

Thanks to Peter Paukstelis, Scott Finkeldei, Dr. Vicki Clegg, Brent A. Anders, Josh McCune, and Dave Bollman, for their start-up support and advisement.