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With the popularization of brief video podcasting, educational webisodes have become a tool for e-learning. Webisodes (an amalgam of Web and episodes) draw on narrative continuity and themes to share information in short snippets.


Different Types of Webisodes

Webisodes may be based around particular subject matter. They may feature recurring characters around a particular situation or narrative (storytelling situation). These may involve 3D simulated events; these may involve virtual fly-throughs of 3D spaces. These may feature anchors and narrators (or panel discussants) talking about particular phenomena, with an educational purpose. Sometimes, there may be off-the-cuff person-on-the-street interviews.

Oftentimes, webisodes have bare-bones scripts, or they may be improvised.

Varying Production Values

Webisodes have varying production values based on whomever is creating the webisodes. These may include complex setups, such as those created by media production companies to advertise television series. Museums may offer walk-throughs of their current shows.

Because of the ease of video captures and the technologies needed for podcasts, many non-professionals (amateurs and novices) have also gotten in on podcasting, so webisodes may be created around idiosyncratic topics.

Educational webisodes fall somewhere on a continuum between amateur and professional work. These usually address public relations, marketing, and advertising needs of a university or college. These also address educational purposes for the capture and dissemination of lecture, demonstration, and other materials. More entertaining webisodes involve characters and storylines but with an educational purpose.

Distribution and Playability

Webisodes may be played off the World Wide Web. They may be subscribed to through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and downloaded onto mobile devices and played there.

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