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Educate is an iPhone/iTouch application designed to support teaching professionals in schools, universities and colleges.

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According to Educate's Website at the following feature are available.

Plan lessons: Educate offers a inbuilt weekly planner to keep all your planning in one place. It is possible to personalize weekly timetables and plan for individual lessons from a single interface.

Implement effective teaching strategies: Provide access to strategies for engaging students in lessons. Offers a variety of individual or collaborative activities directly aimed at improving learning outcomes.

Monitor student attendance and progress: Quickly and easily tracks student attendance or performance via ready made scales. Updates record during teaching and exports to PC, Mac or Learning Management System

Collaboration with other Educate users: Allows collaboration with Facebook accounts to connect with other Educate users to discuss pedagogical practice, suggest application features and seek support.

Engage with eLearning: Posts content to Moodle learning space, anytime, anywhere. Also, provides access to critical tools such as a voice recorder for anecdotal notes, camera to allow tagging images and a stopwatch for time-critical tasks.


The ikonstrukt company provide the iphone application.

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