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This online resource for diet and fitness including weight loss, low fat recipes, vitamins and minerals, nutrition, health and fitness. They have produced health, diet and fitness information along with a large selection of health calculators including an ideal weight calculator which estimates the time taken to achieve your ideal weight and a calories burned calculator.

Other health calculators that Diet and Fitness Today has available on the site include a calculation for Body Mass Index (BMI), Ideal Body Weight Calculators, Waist to Hip Ratios, among many others.

The site provides links to many low fat recipes. It also provides a nutrition fact section with an interactive toolbar that searches specifically for foods that you type in.

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High Protein Foods

High protein foods once were valued as a way to gain muscle mass. However, recently research has determined that protein is a great way to become lean. This can be done by consuming 1 gram of protein per pound you weigh. Examples of high protein foods include, egg whites, fish such as cod, and gelatin desserts.

High Fiber Foods

Fiber is critical in maintaining one's healthy level of cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and proper weight. It's also been discovered that it has the potential to ward off other diseases such as colon cancer and heart disease. Fiber can also help increase one's energy level by consuming the daily recommended amount of fiber.

Calories Burned

Many people wonder how many calories they burned after working out. This website can offer assistance in this area. Just pick the exercise you performed and it will calculate the calories you just used. The calculator can also sum up the calories burned in a week, and break that down into the calories you burned on certain days.

Fast Food Nutrition

Americans are eating out more at fast food places than ever before. This increase doesn't mean that you can throw our your diet. Many fast food chains are providing low calorie alternatives. An overview of which chains have the healthiest menues can be seen through this website. Simply click on which fast food chain you want to go to and then select the menu item you want and the website will break down all the nutrition information for you.