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A Short Intro to

Clist.jpg is currently one of the top 10 most visited websites in the United States, averaging over 49 million unique visitors per month. Craigslist is essentially a website in which users can post ads under numerous areas, much like the classified section of a newspaper but with a much higher visitor rate. There are nine different sections, each of which includes numerous subjects under which users can post ads. These different sections include community, housing, jobs, personal, for sale, discussions forums, services, gigs, resumes. For the most part, the service is free to use unless when posting a paid jobs ad, which is where most of Craigslist’s revenue stems from. Craigslist’s service provides people the connection to an unlimited of ads, which can be narrowed down by location and specifics. Not only has this service opened connections with consumers, but it has also made it easier for scam artists to take advantage of others. This happens through false ads, fake meetings, and has recently been blamed for multiple murders stemming from false ads.


The founder of craigslist, Craig Newmark

The History of Craigslist

Craigslist was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark. He originally used it as an e-mail list of people he could send information about events taking place in the bay area of San Francisco. It went on for one year before Craigslist made the move onto the internet as a website in the middle of 1996.

For the first three years of its online internet existence it didn’t really have that much going outside of the San Francisco area. In 1999, when Craigslist was incorporated into being a privately held, for-profit company they began expanding. Nine cities came online with Craigslist sites in 2000, four in 2001, four in 2002 and 14 in 2003.

The third stage in evolution of Craigslist is it’s expansion to the international market. Fast forward through international expansion to the year 2009 and you will find that Craigslist has websites representing nearly 600 different cities that are spread out across 50 different countries. It has truly become an international online free classifieds site and easily the biggest of its kind.

Craigslisthome.jpg Craigslist HQ

Uses of Craigslist

Corporate: Currently, corporations and companies use Craigslist as a way to recruit and hire new employees. The two most common sections for companies to use are ‘services’ and ‘jobs’. Here human resource recruiters can hire by a specific task, such as general labor or seek a trade, such as accountants. Again, these are the common types of ads for which Craigslist charges.

Personal: For the average person, Craigslist has become an invaluable tool to sell, buy, find housing, and meet people. It is extremely easy to place an ad in your desired section, and people can view it from all over the world. When placing an ad, you can use the option to use an anonymous email through Craigslist, which weeds out lots of spam emails.

Tying it all together!

All in all, craigslist has been a popular website that has become a powerful peer to peer search engine for a wide variety of wants and needs. It does have it’s drawbacks. Scammers are more common and some shady business to happen from time to time. But it’s fairly easy to identify scams and phony advertisements. It’s sleek design and easy use make it an excellent alternative to ebay or amazon. Sometimes, it’s more convenient at a moments notice and you don’t have to deal with bidding against others nearly as much.