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Clockspot is an employee time and attendance software that allows employees to clock in and out by computer or phone. Through this automated process, businesses are able to accurately and efficiently prepare payroll for their employees. Gone are the days of manually inputting time for employees through the use of time sheets and timecards. Clockspot provides a quality user interface for both the employee and the payroll staff.


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Clockspot was originally founded by Jason Ho in 2005, as a way for businesses to track their employee time easily through an online interface or mobile phone. After two years of development and rigorous testing, Clockspot launched its service in 2007. Clockspot was an instant success, and quickly gained wide adoption in the business community. Clockspot became profitable in April 2008, just ten months after it's initial launch, and acquired it's 1000th customer later that year. Today Clockspot serves thousands of companies of all sizes and industries, and is dedicated to helping businesses save time and money through its service.


Clockspot is a web-based time tracking solution designed for businesses of all industries and sizes. Clockspot allows employees to clock in via phone or computer instead of using paper timesheets or a punch machine. Because Clockspot is web based, there are no software installs. There are free updates, and the ability to access and manage employee information from any computer with internet. In addition to the savings on software and updates, Clockspot also provides savings in labor costs compared to cost to subscribe. Their plans range from $9/month up to $49/month, based on one manager and one employee. Prices increase as the number of users increase.

Currently, there are no personal uses for Clockspot. This software was specifically designed to provide businesses with a web-based time tracking solution.



Below are a list of features that Clockspot provides.

Phone Clocking

Some employees do not have access to a computer; therefore, Clockspot has a phone clocking application in addition to the online application. Employees are able to clock in or out by calling Clockspot’s toll free number (866-721-1085) from a cell phone or landline phone. The employee is required to enter their User ID and password. Once logged in, employees may provide additional information for their supervisor to review such as providing a report from the job site, inputting mileage or a job code.

Supervisors are able to verify the employee’s time online and check for any reports or updates via their unique login URL and log in as a manager.

Absences and Accruals

Clockspot allows Supervisors to track absences and accruals online instead of relying on payroll staff to generate reports. Employees are able to request time off and receive notification online.

Tasks and Messages

Supervisors can assign tasks to employees through Clockspot as well as send messages. The messaging capabilities allow for less email.

Reports and Payroll

With the touch of a few buttons, supervisors are able to generate reports instead of relying on payroll staff. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, or HTML. Clockspot also allows Supervisors and payroll staff to create customized reports.

When it is time to process Payroll, the payroll staff is able calculate overtime, taxes, accruals, and total payroll in a short amount of time.


  • Reduced Payroll Processing Time
  • More Accurate Labor Costs
  • Creates Accountability
  • Calculates Payroll Totals with just a touch of a button
  • Easy to Use
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Various Levels of Administrator/Supervisor Review
  • Report Capabilities



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Thousands of businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries use Clockspot to accurately track and report employee’s time. Some well known customers of Clockspot include:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Holiday Inn
  • ReMax
  • McDonald’s
  • Allstate
  • Panera Bread
  • Comcast
  • Pepsi
  • Starbucks

In addition to these well known corporations, Clockspot is also used by mom and pop shops, law firms, government entities, universities and nonprofits.


City of Birmingham, AL


From viewing the demo to reviewing the features and listening to the testimonial from the City of Birmingham, one can see that the functionality of Clockspot is quick, easy, and userfriendly. Businesses are able to use Clockspot to streamline the payroll process, which can be a cumbersome task. Gone are the days of manually tracking time thanks to this innovative employee time tracking software that allows employees to clock in and out via the web or phone.


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