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Cardmunch is a iphone application that converts paper business cards to digital contacts. The makers of Linkedin have made this application available to all iphone user. One the card has been uploaded, if a profile connection is made with LinkedIn it allows the user to make businees connections and discover insights about the person and their career.


Cardmunch launched in Aug, 2010 and provided the capability to scan paper business cards to iPhone address books at a cost of 33 cents a card. In Jan 2012, Cardmunch was acquired by LinkedIn and the app is now free to use with no limit on the amount of cards that can be scanned.



  • Human Transcribers
  • Includes full profile for LinkedIn members
  • Can invite to connect on LinkedIn
  • Send email
  • Copy to Iphone
  • Forward Contact Info
  • FREE


  • Limited to iOS devices
  • User must be a LinkedIn member
  • Time to complete transcription varies
  • No way to bulk-transfer contacts to PC

Business Implications

Streamlines professional networking, avoids having to carry, store, numerous paper business cards and eliminates the potential of losing them. More efficient in finding a contact electronically as opposed to sorting thru a stack of paper cards. This easy to use technology comes in handy when dealing with a diverse set of clients and costumers. The new features technology allows you to sort contact and organize contacts within a company, allowing for easy and efficient business networking.

  • New Technology
  • Efficient Organizing
  • Business Networking

Customer Reviews:

"Quickly scans business cards and uploads to contacts."

"Best alternative, completely hassle free. easy to use and simple design."

"This is the best app to keep all your contacts together! Organizes contacts in your phone perfectly and saves copies of the cards. Don't need to carry around a wallet full of cards just scan them into your phone. Keeps me more connected to my customers."

Getting Started

To Use Cardmunch:

  • Download cardmunch app from of the iphone app store
  • Open Cardmunch App
  • Tap shutter icon to capture the business card image
  • Tap Submit
  • When the card has been sucessfully loaded you will receive a notification
  • Then you can add the new contact to your address book or LinkedIn Network

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How it Works at

Download app at

To download the free app simply go to on your iphone and click download, or search cardmunch in your iphone app store.