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What Is Buffer?

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Buffer is an app that allows the user to manage their social media accounts more efficiently by allowing the user to schedule posts on various social media platforms to release at a chosen time. Buffer helps users decide which time is best to post for maximum exposure. You simply add your updates to your Buffer queue and they will be posted conveniently spaced out throughout the day for you. It saves time by eliminating the guess work of when to send out updates. [1]

Development & History

Buffer's logo.
Buffer's logo.

Buffer was launched in December 2012 by creator Joel Gascoigne to fill in what he saw as a gap in the ability to share effectively via social media. As social media usage exploded with the arrival of social media platforms beginning in the early 2000's, including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, Gascoigne saw the need to help people and companies organize when their posts go out in order to reach the maximum audience. [2]

Since its creation in late 2012, Buffer's philosophy and design are directed towards making social media engagement easier for individual users as well as business users. Buffer focuses on efficiency and user feedback to make Buffer the most valuable social media sharing tool out there. [3]

Buffer is constantly evolving and growing. As of November 2013, the app had roughly 1.1 million users and had been used to post over 100 million updates. According to an interview with co-founder and CMO Leon Widrich, Buffer is currently working on a "Buffer button" that would allow users to immediately post something to Facebook or Twitter, or add it to their queue in Buffer to be posted at a later time. [4]

Although Buffer does not yet have the same popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the app has a huge potential for growth as social media continues to be a large part of peoples' lives, especially for businesses looking to maximize the benefits of social media exposure.

How Does Buffer Work?

Buffer allows you to connect all of your social media sites, including LinkedIn and Twitter, and add posts to a queue to space out releases for the best time to capture your audience's attention. You can add several accounts that allow access to multiple managers for businesses that may have more than one social media account updating on a certain brand or product.

You place your updates in a queue and set the time for release. This keeps you from overwhelming your followers with alerts all at once. It saves time by allowing you to set up your queue for the day at once and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It also saves your readers time by not receiving multiple updates in a row.

Here's a demonstration video on how to get started and the basic features:

Here's an example of how Buffer can be used for scheduling tweets:

Buffer in Business

Buffer offers a variety of options for businesses. They have monthly plans for small, medium, and large companies that allow you to connect 25, 50, or 100 accounts with 5,10, or 25 team members, respectively. There are varying price differences for each but all offer priority access to Business Features and the Standard Buffer Features.

Standard Buffer Features include:

  • Custom Scheduling
  • Standard Buffering
  • Detailed Social Analytics
  • Multiple Social Networks
  • Over 50 Apps and Extras
  • Share All Media Formats

With multiple accounts, the user can connect their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and App.net accounts. All of these can be managed in one place with Buffer for quick and easy posting.

Custom scheduling allows the user to set schedules for their social media updates to release at the time they choose in the future. This is very beneficial for marketing campaigns.

Analytics and insights allow the user to view how many likes, shares, or retweets a post has. This information can be used to determine what content works better than others and the timing of the release.

The opportunity to allow multiple team members to one Buffer account makes consistent sharing easier for businesses.

Buffer allows companies to harness the full power of social media. There is no limit with Buffer. [5]

Buffer for Personal Use

Buffer not only has the potential for businesses to reap the benefits, but individuals can as well. Some uses for personal interest may be:

  • Update several social networks at once to reach all friends/family
  • Time release of updates so as not to spam friends' feed updates all at once
  • Update multiple networks about life happenings, interests, and hobbies [6]
Buffer Uses


Buffer has the potential to make sharing via social media a much easier, more efficient, and organized process for personal users and business users alike. Buffer eliminates the guesswork of social media and helps users reach the maximum audience with a simple, user-friendly app.