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BookBoon is a free source of higher education textbooks and other publications. The site supports the concept of free books by providing PDF file downloads for students at no charge. BookBoon finances the books by inserting selective ads on particular pages.

A New Paradigm for Learning Material

BookBoon is seeking to provide a new method for educational material delivery compatible with the future of ubiquitous information accessible by everyone. Their revenue stream removes the burden from students and provides a better way of financing educational material by selling advertising space to carefully selected organizations.

Facts about BookBoon

Facts about Bookboon/Ventus:

  • Provides more than 2 million downloaded books yearly
  • Active in 13 European countries plus the United States and Canada
  • Provides books for students, teachers, travelers, and business professionals
  • Books can be read on eReaders like Amazon Kindle is owned and run by the Danish company Ventus Publishing ApS.

Free eBooks from BookBoon

The following eBooks are available at no cost from BookBoon. Feel free to download and use them in your courses.