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About BlueTie Inc.

Logo-BlueTie.jpg BlueTie is a company that provides hosted emailing and calendaring services for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). They provide an inexpensive solution for smaller companies that cannot afford expensive programs such as Microsoft Exchange but want the efficiency and benefits that a collaborative email and calendaring solution provides. They also offer cloud-based document management and sharing, project and file collaboration, email archive services, mobile email and social media marketing.

History of BlueTie Inc.

BlueTie was founded in 1999 by David Koretz, CEO, and Tom Golisano, Chairman of the Board. These men wanted to organize a company that would provide smaller businesses with the tools and advantages that larger companies have when it comes to email and calendaring collaboration. BlueTie was the first company to introduce a hosted suite for small business collaboration. Today BlueTie supports more than 230,000 businesses and serves millions of users.

Emailing and Calendaring

BlueTie's emailing and calendaring is simple and inexpensive for businesses. For just $5.99 per user per month SMBs can receive this email collaboration solution. Some of the features provided with this service are 10GB of storage per user, file storing and sharing, unlimited number of users, instant messaging and virus protection.

They also provide their own 24/7 IT support so businesses do not need to hire and maintain their own IT department. This email collaboration is also supported by POP3/IMAP/SMTP so people can receive emails from their other accounts in their BlueTie email account. Since there is an unlimited number of users, BlueTie is capable of growing with companies and providing them with the support and flexibility that each company needs.

BlueTie also provides Hosting Exchange 2010 and Hybrid Exchange. Hosting Exchange 2010 is a way for companies to store their data such as emails, calendars, tasks and address books. BlueTie manages and organizes all the data. They offer a couple different packages to companies that allows them to grow their hosted exchange with their company. Hybrid Exchange is a choice that BlueTie offers each of their customers. It is a way for companies to choose which Business Email package and which Exchange 2010 package they wish to combine. It allows companies to tailor the Email and Exchange features to their own company.


SharePoint is a feature that BlueTie provides that allows coworkers to collaborate on projects and makes it easy form employees to work with customers. It allows employees to share projects, activities, ideas and makes it easy to run wikis and blogs. SharePoint allows files to be shared and worked on by different employees but has a feature that "locks" projects while they are being worked on so employees do not override each others work. Running blogs and wikis allows employees to discuss with and answer customers questions and to stay up to date on problems, likes/dislikes, and opinions of customers.

Breeze Social

One of the ways that BlueTie is currently expanding its horizons through its social media marketing tool, BreezeSocial. Social media is a great way for any sized company to get their name and product out to the public. BreezeSocial is designed specifically for SMBs and allows them to interact with customers, engage in discussions and measure how their success.

BreezeSocial makes it possible to see what is being said about and to them by users of their product or service. Companies can see how people are reacting to these reviews and then engage in discussion with these users. It is a way for companies to see how they are preforming and what areas they need to work on.

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This is a short summary of what BlueTie offers and the benefits as was discussed in this Wiki page. For those who didn't want to read everything this video does a good job of outlining the key points.


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