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About Bitmoji


Bitmoji is a web and mobile application allowing users to make a cartoon, or avatar, of themselves. The application is currently widely used for personal use and is rapidly growing in professional communications to include both academic and business realms. Bitstrips was originally founded in 2007 to help users build personalized digital comics, but in 2014 refocused on customized and shareable cartoon avatars to bring back personality into text communication. In March 2016, Snapchat acquired Bitmoji for $100 million in cash and stock options. Most recently, Bitmoji has focused on adding a more personal touch to their app, allowing users to design their avatar to look like themselves down to even the smallest detail, such as lip color. The application started small with only a few users, but has grown exponentionally and now includes big name users such as Seth Rogan, John Mayer, and Lena Dunham to name a few. The application is updated in real time and the avatars are always current with whatever season it is and whatever is happening in the real world; i.e. there were several new political bitmojis released during the 2016 U.S. elections.

Bitmoji Account Setup

  • First you download the app from the app store and you create a login.
  • Second, you will choose the body type that looks most like you. There are different options for every body type.
  • Third, you will scroll through the different options for face shape, eye shape, smile, hair style and length until you have selected a face that looks most like you.
  • Fourth, after selecting your face you will choose an outfit for your Bitmoji to wear. They have dressy outfits, casual outfits, and even themed outfits for whatever holiday season we are in – so fun!
  • Once you have completed your set up, you just need to make sure you’ve selected the bitmoji keyboard in your phone settings and you are good to go!

Bitmoji in the Business and Academic World


Since the purchase of Bitmoji by Snapchat for $100 million, Bitmoji has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, LA Times, and many other prominent media outlets and business publications. According to the aforementioned sources emoticons and emoji’s, now consisting of Bitmoji’s as well, are now used in up to 70% of professional correspondence. Utilization of Bitmoji’s in communication offer many advantages overly purely text correspondence but are not yet acceptable in certain forums and use comes with specific risks, i.e. misinterpretation and/or generational acceptance. Many Fortune 500 companies have now adopted specific policies for the acceptable use of emojis and Bitmojis in correspondence with customers, coworkers, and other inter and intra-organizational communications.

Bitmoji for Personal and Professional Correspondence


Bitmoji’s allow a person to create a face for their virtual identity. As we have moved into more digital communication, we have started to lose the emotions and context of conversation. However, with the creation of Bitmoji, we are now able to show the world more about who we are and our personality in our digital communication. Context of comments and emotions in conversations become more apparent as we use our Bitmoji graphics for responses. Currently, Bitmoji app designers are releasing at least 6 new graphics a week. The new graphics are correlated to trends in pop culture, politics, and international events. The addition of these new graphics allow users to not only have an identity, but also character.

Bitmoji and Other Apps

Features include Bitmoji for texting, emailing, in-app communications, and instant messaging services on iPhone, Android, Microsoft, and Chrome systems. Bitmoji currently works within several apps to include Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other apps. While using snapchat, an app where you can take pictures and short videos to friends and those who follow you, you can now insert a bitmoji. Adding a bitmoji to a photo can still add emotion to your picture and allows to still express some of your true emotion and gives us a personality while using electronic communication. How does one add a bitmoji to snapchat?



In conclusion, Bitmoji is a versatile application allowing users to have a personality in their online communication. Bitmoji may have started as a humorous cartoon application users used to portray their sarcasm, joy, sadness, or frustration, but it is now an application used by several “big name users,” as well as Snapchat, email, and even in professional correspondence. Yes, there are risks of miscommunication and risks with general acceptance of Bitmoji use, but overall this is an app allowing a user to be more than letters on a screen, it allows them to be human. Now you know what Bitmoji is, how to set up your very own Bitmoji avatar, and how to use the application in snapchat. We hope you enjoy your new found personality in your online communication.