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Basecamp is a web-based project management tool application that can be used on PC, Mac, tablets, cellphones, and through Emails. It is designed for team members in a project to communicate, create to-do tasks and events with specific deadlines, and enable team members to share document, pictures and any other kinds of information. Ultimately it helps users manage different projects at one time. This application basically combines certain main features from Dropbox, Google Docs, and Calendar in one, while the simplicity and clarity of using Basecamp makes users more engage with the application. In a word, Basecamp helps users plan, organize, and execute multiple projects in a more effectively way.


Basecamp is a private company founded in 1999 by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim, formerly known as 37signals.

Basecamp application, as a web-based project-management tool, was firstly launched by the company in 2004. The latest version of Basecamp is Basecamp 3, launched in November, 2015, available on the web, iOS and Android. Its users reached 1,000,000 in November, 2006. This number reached 9,000,000 in July, 2014, made Basecamp the most popular cloud-based project management software system of all time.

Basecamp used to provides a free 60-day's trial to potential customers, and subscription was required after trial use. With the latest release of Basecamp 3, users can get one free Basecamp and use as long as they want; however, when users want to make another, there are different levels of in-app packages to upgrade.

Getting Start

To get started, go to to create an account. Input your name, Email address, and any organization you belong to, then click the button of "Start my free Basecamp account."

Basecamp signup.jpg

Next step, check your email inbox that was used to sign up, you should find an email sent from Basecamp to verify the email address. Simply click the button " It's me, start my Basecamp!" inside that email and you’ll be signed right in to Basecamp. Be noted that the verifying link expires in 15 minutes after receiving that email, which can only be used once.


Now you can use Basecamp and get started to manage projects with your friends and colleagues!

Features and How to be a Pro with Basecamp

Features: •Project: Including functions such as Discussion, To-do List, File, Text Document, and Event. •Calendar: All the events the users will have pop up on calendar, and events from the same project will show in a same color automatically. •Everything: It is a collection of all tasks, events, messages, files, and so forth from all your projects. •Progress: It shows timeline of your projects and demonstrates what tasks have been created and accomplished.

Follow up steps in the video clip and be ready to be a Basecamp Pro! (A look at corporate and personal uses)


Compared to traditional complex Gantt charts and graphs that people normally use to manage tasks, Basecamp provides a clean, simple, and very practical user experience either for corporate or personal users. As per an offical statistic report, Basecamp was being used at 321 of the Fortune 500 companies as of September, 2011, which signals a widely use in the corporate level. Since the Basecamp developing team is continuously making an effort to improve and explore new functions, Basecamp is gaining more and more popularity in schools and workplaces for both personal and business uses. In conclusion, to systematically and visually manage multiple tasks, organize files, plan events, and communicate with group members, all you need is Basecamp!