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Axio Learning is a comprehensive, easy-to-use learning / course management system (L/CMS) based around the idea of community. Axio allows users to build and maintain an online learning space to conduct an online course, or to complement face-to-face instruction (for hybrid or blended applications).

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Axio involves a range of tools that archive and distribute digital course contents (virtually all types of digital multimedia). It offers an assessment suite with a wide range of assessment methods. It offers asynchronous (chat) and synchronous (live web collaboration) communications tools.

Automated learning may be actualized in this learning / course management system with the use of the "gating" mechanism in the assessment suite.

Non-Course Uses

This technology is used for virtual team collaborations, such as those for hiring committees or course development teams. Axio has been used as an orientation space for continuing students. It is used for standardized testing. It is being used also as a discovery learning space.


Axio Learning was developed at Kansas State University in close consultation with its users.

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