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Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio is a commercial tool suite comprised of three software product tools: Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker. Articulate was founded in 2002 by Adam Schwartz with the hope of creating a new tools to conduct e-learning. The company now has over 115,000 clients in 115 countries around the world. Some big name clients would include: Microsoft, Google, and Ford Motor Company.

Articulate has several recent accomplishments to boast about. It won Training Media Review's Best Products of 2009. The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) also awarded it as being among the top ten web support sites. This is notable since it was the only small company to receive this award for three consecutive years.

With Articulate's e-learning software tools, it's quick and easy for almost everyone to create engaging courses, presentations, quizzes, and surveys. The software aims to make everyone involved in organizational e-learning into teaching and training heroes.

Articulate's mission addresses five key goals:

1. Help training happen at the speed of business.

2. Facilitate e-learning content that costs less and delivers more in less time.

3. Deliver rapid e-learning tools that are quick, easy & powerful - so you can focus on creating content, not complicated programming.

4. Enable teams of knowledge experts & instructional designers to work together on the same simple and effective platforms.

5. Empower EVERYONE to become an e-learning hero.



Presenter allows individuals to create Flash-based presentations and e-learning courses from PowerPoint. In using this program, it is possible to create highly interactive materials that are saved in a universally accepted Flash format for everyone to view.

Features of Presenter '09:

Animated annotations that highlight important points.

Clear, crisp images and video.

Multi-level navigation and branching.

Embedded live web pages and other objects.

Multiple publishing options, including Flash, Word, CD and podcasts.


The program adds stunning interactive content to e-learning courses that help turn passive viewers into active learners. Templates are easy to use and allow users to create rich-media interactive material in minutes that can encourage learner discovery through interaction.

Engage '09 features many interactive types including process, timeline, pyramid diagram, labeled graphic, interactive FAQ, and more.


With two development modes, form-based editing and free-form editing, Quizmaker helps users craft Flash-based quizzes, assessments and surveys.

Quizmaker '09's advanced features include grouping and randomizing question pools, branching quizzes that direct individuals to specific slides dependent upon answers, animated objects, and much more.

Quizmaker provides several other unique benefits as well. For one, it contains 20 types of questions, going beyond the standard true/false and multiple choice. For instance, it provides drag and drop questions as well as hot spot questions. It also allows the creator to come up with his or her own theme on the design of the quiz.

Articulate Online

Articulate Online is a new service that allows users to track how employees, customers, and prospects interact with it's e-learning materials. Articulate Online is specifically made for individual workers and large business units to quickly publish content and get detailed report.

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