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The Apple Watch is the next big thing in wearables, making it easier than ever to communicate. With the ability to sync to your iOS 8 device, the wearer has quick access to their messaging, apps, and other features, taking away the hassle of reaching for your phone constantly. Several designs, colors, and bands allow the consumer to select the watch that is the best fit for them.


From the company that brought us the iPod and iPhone, Apple’s newest product line is the Apple Watch. While there isn’t an exact release date, Apple has said it will be released in early Spring 2015, with Quanta Computers out of Taiwan reportedly producing the watches starting in January. Though smart watches have been around for over 20 years with smartphone compatible ones around for 5 years, the release of the Apple Watch looks to open the smartwatch market considerably.


Every person has his or her own distinct styles and needs, which is why Apple has developed a range of different styles and designs that can be mixed and matched to create a unique watch that’s just right for you. The different options include case size, finishes, band type, and faces.

The first step is to choose a case size. Apple offers two different case sizes to fit your preferences, the smaller at 38mm and the larger at 42mm. Both cases can also be set up to work on either your left or your right wrist.

Step two is to determine which finish best suits your needs and liking. There are six different finishes to select from, made from custom alloys of stainless steel and aluminum as well 18-karat yellow and rose gold. The six different finishes include: stainless steel, space black stainless steel, silver aluminum, space gray aluminum, 18-karat yellow gold, and 18-karat rose gold (shown below).


The stainless steel finishes part of the Apple Watch Collection and are made from a cold forged 316L stainless steel that is corrosion resistant, less susceptible to nicks and scratches, and has a mirror finish. The stainless steel model has a retina display that is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The anodized aluminum finishes make up the Sport Collection, and are created from 7000 Series aluminum that is thirty percent lighter than the stainless steel finishes. The aluminum finish models are paired with a lightweight Ion-X glass display that is tougher than ordinary glass in order to withstand scratches and impact.

The 18-karat yellow and rose gold finishes comprise the Edition Collection, and are formed from 18-karat gold that has been developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The 18-karat gold finishes have the same sapphire-protected retina display as the stainless steel model.

Step three is to choose your band type. With six different types of bands in multiple colors, there is guaranteed to be one that suits you. The selection of band types includes: the link bracelet, the sport band, the leather loop, the classic buckle, the modern buckle, and the Milanese loop.

The link bracelet is made up of more than one hundred pieces and is constructed from the same 316L stainless steel as the case finish. It has a custom butterfly closure that folds nicely within the bracelet and also contains several links with release buttons so you can add or remove links easily. The link bracelet comes in either stainless steel or space black stainless steel.

The sport band is constructed from a high-performance fluoroelastomer that soft and smooth yet also well built and long-lasting. It features a pin-and-tuck closure that provides a clean fit. The sport band comes in white and black for the stainless steel finish option, and comes in white, blue, green, pink, and black for the aluminum finish option.

The leather loop has a quilted design with a pebbled texture and is hand crafted in Arzignano, Italy. There are magnets enclosed within the leather for easy fit and closure. The leather loop is available in three colors, including stone, light brown, and bright blue.

The classic buckle has a simple closure made from the same stainless steel as the case and has a strap made from milled, Dutch leather that has a subtle texture. The classic buckle is available in a black band.

The modern buckle has a two-piece magnetic closure that looks like a solid buckle. It comes equipped with a top-grain leather band that has an inner Vectran weave that provides for strength and stretch resistance. The modern buckle bands are available in three different colors—soft pink, brown, and midnight blue.

The Milanese loop is made from woven stainless steel mesh that is a rendition of a design developed in Milan. The loop is fully magnetic, so it has unlimited adjustability for a perfect fit.

There are a variety of different faces to choose from that come with each watch. Nearly all faces are customizable, so you can change colors, design elements, and add functionality to make a face specifically to your liking. A few examples of the types of faces to choose from include: chronograph, color, modular, timelapse, solar, astronomy, motion, utility, Mickey Mouse, simple, and photo.


The Apple Watch does so much more than just keeping time; it comes equipped with a variety of features ranging from measuring your heartbeat, to notification settings, to workout applications.

The watch works with your iPhone by continually checking with global time standards so you never have to set it yourself. It will adjust from one time zone to another as well as automatically adjusting for daylight savings time.

By pressing the button next to the Digital Crown on the side of the watch, you can access Friends—a “favorites” list of people you contact most. Pressing the button will bring up thumbnails of your favorite contacts that you can scroll through and tap to send a message or make a call.

Notifications are also a major feature of the Apple Watch. Not only does a notification pop up on the screen when you receive a call, message, or email, the watch will get your attention by tapping you. You can activate subtle audio cues for notifications as well.

The Apple Watch also enables you to message, call, and view emails right from your wrist. You are able to view messages received and send new messages by verbally recording it, using preset options of things you write most, or sending emojis. Making a call is also easy by using the built in speaker for quick chats. The watch also has the capability of transferring your calls to your iPhone, your car’s speakerphone, or your Bluetooth headset. Silencing calls can also be done by covering your watch with your hand. When you receive an email, the watch will promptly alert you where you can then read the message, flag it, mark it as read or unread, or move it to the trash.

The Digital Touch feature allows Apple Watch users connect with other Apple Watch users. You can do this through unique ways such as sending a sketch, using the walkie-talkie feature, tapping them, or sending your heartbeat.

The Activity app has three rings that record your daily activity, including a move ring, an exercise ring, and a stand ring. The move ring shows calories burned, the exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity done, and the stand ring shows how many occasions you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The Workout app provides a more detailed record of your exercise. It can show real-time measurements such as time, distance, calories, and pace. You can also set goals and reminders for your workout, and the app will also notify you of your achievements when you reach a personal best or hit a milestone. To track your progress over time, you can download the Fitness app on your iPhone—a companion app to the watch—to see your history, workouts, and achievements.


With Apple Pay, you can use the Passbook on the Apple watch to securely store your tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and credit and debit cards. To pay with your watch, simply double-click the button next to the digital crown and hold your watch up to the contactless reader. Once your payment information is sent, you will hear and feel a notification from your watch.

The Apple Watch comes equipped with various pre-installed apps including: calendar, maps, passbook, music, Apple TV, iTunes, remote camera, stopwatch, timer, alarm, world clock, stocks, weather, photos, settings, and Siri. The watch also has a Glances feature that allows you to see the most relevant information from each app so you can scan through them quickly.


The idea of the Apple Watch is to enable people to use it as easily as they would an iPhone or a Mac. With the watch, Apple has created new ways to navigate, input, and select that is suitable for such a small device on your wrist.

The Digital Crown on the side of the watch acts as a fundamental input device. By rotating the Digital Crown, you are able to zoom in and out and scroll. You can also push it like a button to return to the home screen.

The retina display with high pixel density makes it easy to read numbers and text at a glance and while you’re moving. It allows you to see fine details with remarkable sharpness, and the display is also extremely energy efficient.

The watch is able to sense a tap from a press by using tiny electrodes around the retina display. A deep press can trigger a variety of controls and the sensitivity technology prevents the watch from accidentally activating from light taps.

You can activate Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri” and holding the Digital Crown to dictate requests. Siri for the Apple Watch has many similar capabilities as it does for the iPhone, including events, directions, and messages.

The taptic engine is the linear actuator inside the watch that taps you whenever you receive a notification, alert, or use the Digital Crown.

On the back of the case, there is a sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LED’s and photodiodes to detect your heart rate. This sensor in combination with the built-in GPS and accelerometer measures all sorts of physical movement, which is recorded in the Activity and Workout apps.

The watch combines MagSafe with inductive charging, requiring no precise alignment. Simply hold the connector near the back of the watch where magnets snap it into place automatically.


Apple Watch for Business Use

The Apple Watch is not just for personal use. It can make your business world much easier as well. With the twitter app, improving your company's social media brand has become easier than ever. With the American Airlines app, you can now check in to the airline with a click on your Apple Watch. With your notifications being at your wrist, it is far less distracting for you to read emails during business meetings. Also, the Apple Watch is always with you, making it little hassle to stay connected when you are out of the office.


The Apple Watch brings notifications, emails, important applications, and much more, right to your wrist. If you are a tech-savvy person who always wants to be on the front-end of new gadgets, get your Apple Watch when it comes out in early 2015. The world is always looking for and finding ways to make communication less of a hassle and more of a convenience. The next major step in that process is soon to arrive.