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Downloading and Installing the Any Video Converter Freeware (Part 1)

Faculty and subject matter experts (SMEs) who teach online may find themselves creating video and using some of that for online teaching and learning. Some may be interested in using state-of-the-art software for the video editing, but many others may just want some simple software that can help them convert video files or combine various files.

AVC Labs offers a freeware version of a video conversion software that is widely used (the site claims some 65 million users). Their website offers a downloadable format; the more conservative way of accessing this software is to go through CNET’s to have the extra layer of verification that no malware is riding on the download. Once you have downloaded the proper file for Any Video Converter (avc-free.exe), you will “run” the setup through the executable file.


Click Next. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA), and if you agree, then indicate that, and click Next.


Indicate where you would like the files to download. The default destination folder will be in the C-Drive, in the Program Files.

Note that 103 MB of free disk space will be required.


Next, you will be asked if you want a shortcut created in the Start Menu folder.


Click “Next” once you have decided this. Lastly, the setup will ask if you want to create a desktop icon. That is probably a good idea for quick access to the tool.


This download includes the offer of creating an account and downloading ooVoo for three-way video chatting with anyone at any time. For our purposes, we will skip this screen. In the next slide, just click “Install.”


The installation will proceed.


When the installation is complete, the following window will show which will allow for the launch of the Any Video Converter. This step also allows for accessing AnvSoft Special Offers.


At this point, we will just launch the Any Video Converter. This is a freeware tool (there is a Pro version which involves cost).


In Part 2, we will go through a basic process of converting a video using Any Video Converter.

Converting a Video File to a Sound File using Any Video Converter Freeware (Part 2)

There are two ways to “ingest” video into Any Video Converter: One can add video from a stored medium (desktop, a hard drive, a thumb drive, a server, or some other memory device), or one can download it from a particular site.


The essential functions are in the menu bar above: Add Video and Download to ingest the video, and then “Convert” to actually change the file format of the video.

The “Add Video” button (there is also the command in the Drop-down Menu under File) leads to the folder where the Any Video Converter is stored.


The types of media files that may be ingested may be seen in the drop-down of all readable Media File types for this software.

To import video from the Internet, click on Download


A window will pop-up with a space for the input of a URL where the video resides. Or a video clip may be dragged and dropped from a YouTube / Google/ MetaCafe / Nico site if the Firefox browser is being used for the download.

For this article, we will download “Dramatic Filmmaking for Higher Education” by Brent A. Anders (of the Office of Mediated Education at K-State). This video is hosted on the Vimeo stie.


Once the URL is pasted into the window, click OK. Since we are not wanting to add any other clips to this video, we will just go to Convert.


The output profile at the right end of the menu bar shows the various file types that the movie may be output as.


You will see that this software is able to convert to a range of video formats, audio (sound only) formats, and even DVD-readable formats.

Because this video is already in the preferred .mp4 format for podcast-able videos, we will change this to an audio file, or an .mp3.


Once the audio output has been selected and is properly reflected in the Menu Bar Output Profile, click on “Convert.”

A new MP3 folder will be created inside the Any Video Converter folder. If you want to make another folder to house this particular sound file, indicate that in the left menu bar.


Once a destination folder is selected, then at the bottom left of the screen, the software will indicate that the video is downloading. Once it downloads, the file will be converted and will appear in the selected folder.

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