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What is AnyMeeting?

AnyMeeting offers free or low-cost video conferencing and webinar services for small businesses, with all the features and capacity of expensive services. Users can plan meetings, reach out to clients and others with social media sharing, present professional meetings with ease and even create surveys and review meeting reports with AnyMeeting.[1]



AnyMeeting beta version was originally developed in Huntington Beach, CA in 2009 by Costin Tuculescu who originally named the service Freebinar. As of 2012, AnyMeeting has surpassed the 200,000 registered user mark and is one of the top free webinar services around.[2] Anymeeting was also named by PC World as one of the best 15 free business tools, apps and services of 2012 and by as one of the best free web apps of 2011.[3][4]


One of the best features of AnyMeeting (besides the fact that it's free) is that it does not require downloading of any software to the attendee or user's computer. Another great feature is that AnyMeeting services have no time limit or restrictions for their webinars. The free version of AnyMeeting is advertisement-based so if a business would like to skip out on the ads they are looking at very affordable pricing:[5]

  • $17.99/month for up to 25 attendees.
  • $69.99/month for up to 200 attendees.
AnyMeeting allows multiple user and document interaction

The main features of Anymeeting are: [6]

  • Six way video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Recording
  • Public profiles
  • Survey polls
  • Audio via conference call
  • Youtube video sharing

Corporate and Personal Use

Great for interviews and meetings

With AnyMeeting, any business, big or small, has the ability to conduct remote interviews, meetings or presentations to anyone who has an internet connection anywhere in the world. AnyMeeting is great for personal use and teaching too. Whether you're a professor who needs to lecture up to 200 students or a traveling dad who wants to help his son with his homework, AnyMeeting can make it happen. Another cool feature of AnyMeeting for both corporate and personal use is an integrated marketing option that allows a business or speaker to sell tickets to their webinars via credit card or PayPal.[7]

Videos and Tutorials

Here is a video about the capabilities of AnyMeeting:

Here is our tutorial on how to get started with AnyMeeting:

Benefits for Businesses

The biggest and most immediate benefit of Anymeeting is the amount of money and time it can save small businesses, tutors and professors. By using Anymeeting, managers, employees and clients no longer have to worry about the costs and time associated with traveling to physically meet in-person.[8] The social media component of Anymeeting make it free and easy for companies to advertise their upcoming meetings as well as share any videos that relate to their business progression.[9]


Overall, Anymeeting saves businesses time and money and allows an unlimited amount of information to be quickly shared with colleagues and clients. It's low cost and free subscriptions to features such as videoconferencing and document sharing make it easy on the wallet and easy on even the most technologically-challenged individual.