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Ground Rules

First be sure your videos are on your computer and these videos are in MP4 format or another format that is compatible with YouTube. Remember these instructions are only applicable to Blogger Blogs.

Summary of Steps

1) Upload local video to YouTube.

2) Display HTML snippet link and paste into a new Blogger post in "Edit HTML" mode.

3) Publish Post as Blog Entry.

Detailed Instructions

YouTube Steps

1) If you are going to load your own video to YouTube, you must first get an account there. If you are going to use an existing YouTube video in your Blogger post, you don't have to be a YouTube member.

2) Assuming you want to post your own video, go to and follow their steps to get a free account.

2) After getting a YouTube account be sure you're logged in.

3) Click the "Upload" button on screen's right side.

4) Add the Title, Description, and Tags. Next select a Category. You have to have something in each field or you will get an error message. Once all areas are filled, click on "continue".

5) Now click the "Browse" button. A pop-up window will open and prompt you to select a file to upload. Having selected a video, click the "Upload Video" button.

5) Wait for the upload to complete. This may take some time depending on the video's length. You can also initiate addition uploads at this time if you have multiple videos to upload. When the upload finishes, you will see a bar at the top that says "File: cetera"

6) Scroll down the page and you will see, "Copy ALL of the html code in the box at the bottom." Click on that option.

Blogger Steps

1) Open a new post in Blogger

2) Select the "Edit HTML" tab

3) Paste the entire code snippet from YouTube into your post. Remember, if you are in "Compose" mode this will not work. If you switch from "HTML" to "Compose" you will need to re-paste the HTML

4) To view your post, click "Preview". Just DO NOT click "Compose" or the code snippet will disappear.

5) Add any text or titles before the HTML Snippet while you are still in the HTML mode.

6) Publish Post

7) You may need to adjust the size of the video so it is not wider than the column. This change can be made in the HTML. Near the end of the code snippet, you will find this: width="600" height="350". Change both numbers to keep the ratio the same otherwise the video may look distorted. For example, you can post them as width="400" height="233" to stay proportiona. After publishing, if the sidebar appears at the bottom of the page, you know the video is too wide and needs further adjustment.

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