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30 Boxes is a great and easy-to-use calendar that you can use right in your web browser. View & print by year, month, week or day, with national holidays. Keep your schedule online: accessible from any computer or smart phone. When you share the calendar, others always see the up-to-date online version.



30 Boxes, which is still in beta release as of this review, is written using AJAX (Asynchronous Java And XML), a programming technique that can help Web-based applications appear and behave a lot more like conventional software. One of the main benefits of AJAX is making web pages more responsive by exchanging small amounts of information with a server, eliminating the need to constantly refresh the entire page.

Use of AJAX doesn't mean that you're likely to mistake a web-based application like 30 Boxes for shrink-wrapped software, though, and in the case of 30 Boxes that's not necessarily a bad thing. In contrast to the busy, feature-laden interface you're likely to find in the typical PIM-based calendar, the 30 Boxes UI is decidedly simple, dominated by a large four-week display (technically, this is only 28 boxes, but we digress...) along with a handful of links to various application options.

This default four-week calendar view can helpfully span across two months rather than requiring the user to switch back and forth between months x and y. Events are displayed for each day, and clicking on a box brings up another window with a more detailed view of that day's events.

30 Boxes has been developed by 83degrees, a California based company. The founders of 83degrees are Narendra Rocherolle, Nick Wilder and Julie Davidson who were prior founders and made up the management team of Webshots (which was sold to Excite@Home in 1999, and the repurchased in 2001, and then sold again to CNET in 2004). They are experienced in user interface design and building apps that will appeal to everybody from a casual user through to developers, and so far they have done this well.


Using Guide

1st Step: log in 30 Boxes using your account name and password by any computer with internet. 2nd Step: view the calendar by month/week/day. 3rd Step: edit you calendar

Creating Calendar Entries

There are two main ways to add new events to your 30 Boxes calendar. The more conventional method is to click a detailed entry button, which calls up a dialog box through which you can create an event and specify all the particulars, including start and end times (and dates, if applicable), category tags, and random notes, as well as recurrences and reminders. Reminders can come in the form of an e-mail or to your mobile phone via a SMS-based text message. A much more convenient way to create new entries is by using the One Box, a free-form text field at the top of the page. With the One Box, you can

Sharing Your Calendar

One of the neat things about 30 Boxes is how easily it lets you share your calendar with your family and friends. You can create a "buddy" by typing in someone's e-mail address and then, in just a few mouse clicks, give that person the ability to view your calendar. (You can limit visibility to entries that have not been designated as private or only those with specific tags, such as "work" or "personal.") You also can request access to the calendars of other 30 Boxes users. The sharing feature's main catch is in order to view your calendar, your buddies need to log in to 30 Boxes, and in order to log in, they must have their own 30 Boxes account (signing up, in beta release at least, is free but does require a valid e-mail address). Whenever you create a calendar item, you can issue an event invitation to another person via e-mail by providing his or her e-mail address. The person's response to the invitation will then be displayed as part of the detailed calendar entry. (You can easily generate invitations via the One Box by prefacing e-mail addresses with a plus sign.)

30 Boxes offers several other ways to share calendar data, including the creation of links to some or all of the calendar events as a public Web page. There are also options to view your calendar through an RSS feed, or to publish it to a blog.



There isn't a ton you can do to customize the appearance of your 30 Boxes calendar, but you can currently choose from among three themes that toggle the background color between a muted blue, grey and white, and you can also change the color of some text. Font type and size are fixed, although you can display the event text in one of about a dozen colors by including the name of the color as a tag when you create the event.

In addition to your calendar, your 30 Boxes account can play host to other types of Web-based personal information like a blog or Flickr account. (When you include links to these sources and share your calendar, these items are shared as well.)

30 Boxes Quick Add

Add a new "One Box" event to 30boxes via the context menu or the status bar icon without actually going to the 30boxes page. You can right click on any feed or ics link and add it directly to 30boxes. Additionally you can change the background of the new "webtop" page on 30boxes by simply right clicking on any image on any page. Use CTRL + ALT + O to bring up the One Box popup. (Not available for FireFox 6.0.2)


30 Boxes with business

30Boxes allows a user to share his/her calendar. Under the Share menu, you can choose "Add Buddy" and enter an e-mail address to choose a sharing option. You may share all, parts, or none of your calendar events. For example, two business partners who are not located nearby and sharing a specific project may need to know the best days to schedule client meetings.

This works if the business partner uses 30Boxes and you would be able to view his/her calendar. You go to the Buddy page by clicking the name in the View menu or from Settings>Buddies. Choose the "Ask Permission" from the Share section and once you have permission you can view the partner's calendar.

30Boxes allows you to create a central location to track and share updates. One can go to the My Settings link located on the top right of the screen and select Web Stuff. Some types of web stuff are flickr (for pictures), MySpace (for business and social networking), a personal blog which can be converted to a business blog.

As a business owner, it is important to maintain strong connections with your audience and when people find pictures and words about a business it creates a sense of connection and loyalty which equals more business.


30 Boxes is a great online calendar for everyone. This can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection. It is also very useful on the go. You will be reminded of any important events such as birthdays, you will know what is going on in that day; keep up with your friends, share media with your contacts. 30 Boxes is almost certainly the easiest way to share your calendar and your web stuff online. Organize your life, share all or parts of it with friends